Keeping up Eyebrows

Hello Everyone!

Today I thought that I would show you how I keep my eyebrows looking good in between waxing them at the salon.


First I gather Tweezers, Little scissors, a spooly, and an eyebrow brush



First I tweeze and straw hairs that have grown in. Buttttt remember you guys if you are wanting to change the shape of your eyebrows you will have to deal with a few stray hairs until all the hair grows in.

After that I determine the shape that I want my eyebrows to be. If you take the eyebrow brush and hold it straight up from your nostril this is where your eyebrow should begin. Taking the brush at a direct angle from the nostril to the middle of the eye is where the arch should be. Lastly take the brush and hold it from your nostril to the edge of your eye and this is where your eyebrow should end.

Granted though it’s your eyebrows so make them whatever you want!

I then take the spooly and brush out my eyebrow hairs straight up from the beginning to the arch. I then cut any hairs that are longer than the rest.

I actually like to take the first centimeter of my eyebrows and cut them shorter so that when they are straight up they are perfectly in line with the rest of my eyebrow hair. I love the look that this gives me on my eyebrows.

I then take the brush and brush out my entire eyebrow.



I find that this simple 5 minute routine keeps my eyebrows looking good and allows me to go a little bit longer in-between waxing sessions!

You may not notice a ton of difference but the more that I do this the more that my eyebrows stay shaped the same way!

I hope that you guys found this use full and as always feel free to comment about what you thought!

Love, Amanda Mae

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