My Current Makeup Essentials

Hello Everyone!

Today I am just going to be showing you what I always have to have with me in my makeup bag!


1)The L’orèal Paris True Match Lumi Highlighter in the shadeN202 Rose. I find that this highlighter really compliments my skin tone and not only leaves you with shimmer but a little big of sparkles as well!


2)The Maybelline Baby Skin, instant pore eraser. This little guy does wonders to my face. Not only does it smooth out my pores but it leaves my skin velvety soft!


3)The L’orèal Voluminous Feline waterproof mascara. This mascara always leaves my lashes looking very full and long. Also this mascara will literally stay on through anything so you won’t ever need to re-apply!


4) The Revlon Kill lip balm in Tropical Coconut(010). This lip balm is really just great for keeping your lips moisturized and smelling good too!



5) The Exposed Palette from Crown. This palette is similar to the Naked palette and I think works just as well! The brush on this palette is amazing that it has two different sides and is extremely soft. I also used this palette in my video Simple Brown Makeup!

6) The Smashbox lipstick in the color Be Legendary. This lipstick can be worn with a simple eye to make it really pop or just as a touch of color to an everyday makeup look. I am in love with this color!

Love, Amanda Mae

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