How to Dress for Changing Weather


Hello Everyone,

So with living in Iowa the mornings start out cold and warm up through the day. Now this causes an issue in deciding that to wear because you are either sweating like crazy by mid-day or you are freezing in the mornings.

So today I am going to give you some idea’s as to how you can dress for this type of weather.

1)Start with a base! I like to wear dressed that are a little bit longer because not only do they keep your legs a little warmer but they also good for when it warms up.

Some of my favs at the moment: : Forever 21 “Ribbed Knit Cami Dress” : Bebe “Sarah off Shoulder Dress” : Express “Mock Neck Keyhole Fit and Flare Dress”

2) Add a cute Jacket! A jacket is a great way of keeping you warm in the mornings with the ease of being able to take it off and on.

Some of my favs at the moment: : Express “Black Floral Bomber Jacket” Kate Spade “Stripe Peacoat” :Forever 21 “Satin Coach Jacket”

3) Finish off with some bomb shoes and accessories to make the outfit your own!

Love, Amanda Mae

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