Simple Brown Eyeshadow

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Hello Everyone!

So today I am going to be showing you how I created a simple brown eyeshadow that really could be worn any time of the day. It’s simple enough to not be distracting, but just enough to make you look put together.

 Today I am using the Under Exposed eyeshadow palette by Crown. (I think that this palette is really under rated as I have always loved how the colors look on me and the brush is amazing!)


1)I started out by priming my eyelid

2)For this look I used numbers 1,3,5, and 6 (Optional)

3)Starting with number 3 which is a light brown, I focused this color on the outer corner of my eye working my way up the crease of my eye to almost the inner corner of my eye. I then took the fluffy side of the brush and blended that up towards my eyebrow and along the crease.

4)I then repeated the same process with number 4 which is a dark brown

5)Once I got the look that way that I wanted it, I came in with number 1 and put it on the very inner corner of my eye as a highlight.

6)Number 6 on the palette is a gold shimmer which I put on the very center of my eyelid and then blended slightly out the the edges and the crease of my eye.

7)I finished the look off with a small winged liner and mascara

The best thing about this look it that it not only doesn’t take very long, but you could really change it into a night look by adding slightly more brown on the edges and a pop of color on your lid. I hope that you guys find this useful and let me know how it goes!

Love, Amanda Mae


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